Biography and Net worth of Emmanuel Esiet

Emmanuel Esiet

Bio of Emmanuel Esiet

Adam was originally given the name Emmanuel Esiet by his birth parents. His hometown is Opobo-Nkoro/Rivers State, Nigeria, despite the fact that he was raised in the southern Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom.

State of Origin – Tribe

From what country is Emmanuel Esiet? Adam’s tribe, the Opobo, speaks the Ibani language and hails from the Opobo-Nkoro Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria’s South South Senatorial District.

When was Emmanuel Esiet born?

Adam, the character played by Esiet in “Best Friends in the World,” was born on April 20, 2000, in Rivers State, Nigeria. For the time being, he is 22 years old.

kinship parents

He attends the University of Uyo in the Akwa Ibom state. His mother is Mrs. Oluyemisi Esiet, and his father is Mr. Esiet. Victor Esiet and Samuel Eseit, who are both brothers, are his siblings. The younger brother is Victor.


He is still a young student who hasn’t yet wed, and he doesn’t flaunt his fiancée on social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Although it is unknown whether Emmanuel Esiet and Jeiel Damina are dating or engaged in a committed relationship, social media has been reporting that they are.

Gross Value

He is a talented Nigerian actor, although nobody is certain of his precise net worth. Nonetheless, he is worth more than $200k, according to estimates.

The aspiring actor has been in a few Nollywood films as a result of his schooling and training. Adam, the primary male character in the webseries “Best Buddies in the World,” is how most people are familiar with him.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Adam in the biography of the best friend in the world?

Adam’s biological parents gave birth to him as Emmanuel Esiet at first. Although he was raised in the southern Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom, he is a native of Opobo Rivers. Is Emmanuel Esiet enrolled in school? And he is.

Who are the Damina sisters, Jeiel?

For their independently produced online series, sisters-turned-filmmakers Jesimiel, Jemima, and Jeiel Damina have amassed a sizable following base. The road to success for the sisters Jesimiel, Jemima, and Jeiel Damina began naturally enough: they wanted to share their experiences.

Is Jeiel Damina A Nigerian?

Among her many talents, Jeiel Damina is best known for playing “Olive Lane” in the YouTube miniseries “The Best Friends in the World.” She is also an actress, writer, dancer, singer, and content producer from Nigeria.

Is the movie “Best Friend in the World” from Ghana?

Recently, a fascinating online series caught our attention, and believe us when we say it’s worth watching. “Best Buddies in the World” is a Nigerian high school series with some romance but without debauchery and philistinism, and even though the first season debuted in 2018, we couldn’t help but share it with you and our beloved BNers.

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