Ahmed Ololade Asake, a prominent figure in the current Nigerian music industry, performs under the stage name Asake.He hails from the west of Nigeria and is also a composer.In the family of Mr and Mrs Ololade, Asake was born on January 13th, 1995.He obtained his studies at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife.He majored in theater and performing arts at the university, which is in the state of Osun.

Asake’s life story, songs, and estimated net worth as of 2023

Asake started his musical career at a young age and immediately started showing off his skills online by posting a number of freestyle videos to social media. He was also a musician at the time, although only a few people knew it.But he became well-known when he started performing along with Broda Shaggi in a number of comedy videos that Broda Shaggy filmed.

Asake started his career in entertainment as a dancer; in fact, his dancing days are where he even earned the nickname Asake.

He spent the most of his young years in Lagos State, where he was raised.

He participated in the recording of Broda Shaggy’s song “Star” in December 2019, which aided in the beginning of his career as a musician.Asake took advantage of the chance that was given to him at the moment and released the song “Lady” in January of 2020.The song immediately became well-liked online, drawing the interest of many different listeners including well-known celebrities.

In the same year, Asake had “Mr. Money,” another well-known song, released under his name.Since then, he has been referred to by that name.Since the publication of his debut EP, Asake has gained recognition in the music industry.He collaborated with Grammy Award winner Burna Boy on a remix of his popular song “Sungba”

A successful feature from well-known disk jockey, Dj Spinall was added to the track Palazzo, which was a single from his debut EP.

Without Olamide, Asake’s biography cannot be properly compiled.After he was able to collaborate with The YBNL’s boss Olamide, he saw the majority of his success.He was presented with a contract to join the music label, which was already a part of the Empire, an internationally renowned company.

Eventually, he accepted the offer and he is now a member of Olamide’s record label, YBNL Nation.

One can tell that Asake will continue to produce top notch Amapiano music and popular singles in the years to come because of his unique Afrobeats sound.

We look forward to Mr. Money’s future endeavors and collaborations.

The Nigerian superstar Asake has a wonderful year in 2022

That was the year of his professional debut, and he has been touring the continent, performing in Ghana, Nigeria, and other countries.After being signed by YBNL and seeing his songs top the charts back-to-back, his performance fee nearly tripled.

Asake claimed in a tweet that after purchasing a mansion in Lagos, he “went from hustling for free bedspace to investing in real estate.”His current value and value in the game were inspired by all of these,

Asake Net worth

Asake’s estimated net worth is $350,000, which in 2023 would be equivalent to 147,336,000 Nigerian Naira.

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